Peace 5000!

Hey welcome to my blog!!  I know, I know what your saying “Wow Rich!   A blog? Really?!  How 2002 of you.  Does the world really need another blog?”  The short answer to that question is absolutely not, but I decided to set one up anyway.


I’ve worked in outside sales for more than a decade, and while my job is social by design I spend a tremendous amount of time by myself .  By my calculations I have spent 10 gazillion hours (give or take an hour or two) in my car driving to an account or meeting.  When you spend that amount of time driving by yourself you spend a lot of time staring at cows, trying to figure out the answers to life, thinking of ways to be a better parent and spouse, and of course trying to learn all the words to the latest Black Eyed Peas song (I’ve almost got Boom Boom Pow down).  So I decided to setup this blog up as a place where I could download the ramblings and ideas that seem to go through my head.  I’ll spare you from my singing, although I’m pretty sure I’ve got what it takes to be the next Justin Bieber (insert joke here).


So your next question is probably “What is Peace 5000?”.  Great question, I’m glad you asked.  Peace 5000 was a phrase that I heard my good friend Joe say one time back in college (a long long time ago).  He never really said what it meant, but always looking to steal someone else’s idea, I immediately nabbed it and claimed it my own.  I immediately started signing all of my emails with the closing “Peace 5000!” and it just kind of stuck.  It was a way of being kind of silly, while wishing someone the absolute best.  So I use Peace 5000 as a way to wish someone peace and love and everything that is absolutely incredible with life, while also being able to poke fun at life itself.  And in a nutshell I guess that’s what I hope to do with this blog……oh yeah and I would also like to have it bought out by a major Hollywood studio (a la “Julie and Julia” or “&%$# My Dad Says”).


Thanks for stopping by!

Peace 5000!



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  1. Rich, you are so on target….so many go through life missing the meaningfull things….you have hit all the high spots…..I’ve always thought that you were a wonderful guy….you have just emphasised it….Love you, Gran

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