A Letter to my kids (and to you too)

Dear Patrick, Will, and Reid,

Have you ever dreamed of building a city that’s made with trampoline streets,

or inventing vegetables that taste like delicious chocolate sweets?

Have you ever thought of teaching karate to a school of jellyfishes,

or maybe sailing around on boat made of pizza, has been one of your life wishes?

Well this may surprise you, but you can do all of those things and so much much more!!

And this you should know, and know it for sure

from your head to your toes, and right through to your core.

You see you have the power of LIFE, and LIFE is the most incredibly stupendously ridiculous thing,

For it lets you be and do absolutely ANYTHING!!

In fact, truth be told, LIFE is the most amazing Super Power of them ALL!

Now you may not be able to fly through the air, or smash through a brick wall.

But to be honest that doesn’t really matter,

because the power you have been given is ten million times grander.

For you have the ability to create your life in the shape or form that fits you best,

and with this Super Power you are so unbelievably blessed.

You can choose to be,

a Donut dipper, a cartwheel flipper, an omelet tosser, or a bbq saucer

a maker, a taker, a peaker, a tweaker, or maybe a rainbow seeker

an ice creamer, a jelly beaner, madder, gladder, or an in-betweener ,

a tricker, a treater, a cryer, a laugher, or even a wild giraffer

Yes you can move in any direction you choose,

and with that kind of power it would seem hard to lose.

The Life you create is absolutely limitless!

But sometimes, yes sometimes,

so much freedom can actually feel like quite a mess.

And in those times it will be hard to decide who to be,

or what to do,

or where to see.

Sometimes you’ll be afraid and won’t want to make a decision,

and when that happens you’ll start to hear a lot of other people’s opinions.

With all the advice you hear and options to juggle,

making the right choice can sometimes be a real struggle.

So here is a secret that is greater than all of the rest,

and can help you to harness your Super Powers to make them the very best.

Whenever you cross this hurdle, no matter how old you are, or what you’re facing, the best place to start,

is by getting really really quiet and listening to your heart.

You see there is a voice inside all of us that always knows which path to take

and when we stop and follow it’s advice, you’ll know what decision to make.

Now listening to your heart, does not always put you on the easiest track,

and occasionally, can feel like riding blindfolded on a rhinoceros’ back.

But even with all the challenges and obstacles that you will encounter, there will never be a reason to complain,

because following your heart will fill your life with love, and passion, and other feelings that are hard to explain.

So if you ever start to panic, and want to sound the siren,

listen to your heart because it can amazingly see past today’s horizon.

When you trust in your heart, you give the world a great gift, a gift that will certainly ring true,

for it is the gift of being the most amazing you!

It makes the stars shine brighter, the grass grow greener,

and will inspire others to follow their hearts too!

So use your Super Powers to create the most incredible LIFE

Use them to see whatever you want to see,

use them to do whatever you want to do,

but most importantly, use them to be whoever you want to be.

I Love You!



© Copyright 2011 Rich Scott


  1. Rich, You are an amazing person. What a beautiful letter to your children. You are such a gifted creative writer. We are blessed to have you in our family….and, your family is blessed to have you. Believe it or not, I had a few tears reading your letter!

  2. Rich…how beautiful and with so much wisdom…you should really get an illustrator and turn this into a book…..it is so valuble everyone should get to see it…You are a very special person….Love, Gran

  3. That was wonderful Rich. You are very right…holding still and listening to your heart is the simplest and most difficult skill to master.

  4. Rich, you are truly gifted!!! I enjoyed reading everyone of your stories and I can’t wait to read your next blog. Most of all I am really looking forward to reading your first book.

    Aunt Becky

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