My attempt at a teaser

I’m currently writing a children’s book and wanted to share the very beginning with you.  I know it’s kind of silly to post a story that isn’t finished, but I figured what the heck.  It’s a story about a little boy that unfortunately doesn’t realize how incredible he is and doesn’t see all the amazing things he does everyday.  It’s my hope that the story will ultimately bring a smile to your face, and maybe, just maybe let you realize how incredible you are too.

The city had spent most of that day getting rained on.

It had been very dreary and grey.

When in a matter of moments everything changed,

and the clouds were suddenly swept away.

Cars and buses came to a sudden standstill,

as people stopped dead in their tracks,

so they could gaze above and get their fill.

And what they saw, was a sight so unbelievably incredible,

that it brought tears to people’s eyes.

For it was simply the most amazingly beautiful thing,

that they had ever seen fill the skies.

People would talk for weeks to come,

about what had taken place.

Some would say it was the weather,

or maybe aliens, or an illusion,

or simply an act of divine grace.

Theories and opinions would come and go.

They would number into the hundreds and thousands,

but none of them, no none of them,

would ever consider that it was because of a little boy named Moe.


  1. I know from reading your teaser, that the children’s book that you publish, will most definitely be a PLEASER!!

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