One of the greatest things you can be

This is Andrew.


He is absolutely beaming today, because when he woke up this morning he turned 5.

And being 5 years old is just about the greatest thing that you can be.

You see when you turn five you can do things that just weren’t possible at four.

Five year old muscles allow you to pick up things that you just couldn’t do yesterday as a four year old (Andrew quickly demonstrated with several pieces of furniture).

Five year olds are also waaaaayy taller than four year olds, as Andrew also quickly pointed out (“Dad yesterday I couldn’t even see over this sofa”)

Five year olds start asking deeper questions like “Dad now that I’m this big do you think a bird could pick me up?”

As a five year old he can now run faster, throw a baseball farther, do amazing bike tricks, stay up later (not really) , jump higher, do awesome slides into second base, hold his breath longer, dunk a basketball (also probably no), beat his brothers at wall ball, do triathlons, hold a big boy cup with one hand (probably not a good idea), go to kindergarten, ride a real school bus….

Yep there is literally nothing better than being 5.

Well except one thing…

Being the dad of 5 year old Andrew is pretty awesome too.

You see Andrew is the youngest of our four boys,

which means that our family has celebrated several other five year old birthdays in our house.

But with each passing five year old birthday, my appreciation and love of these moments has become stronger and stronger.

Today I get to immerse myself in Andrew’s giddiness and excitement for all the new things that he can do.

Because as I fully share in his joy, it makes me feel five too.

And I see how beautiful and awesome and amazing life is,

which happens to be what turning 5 is all about.

Yep, being 5 years old is just about the greatest thing you can be.


  1. This was a wonderful read today. Brought tears to my eyes and big smile to my face! The Scott family is awesome (especially the 5-year-old!)

  2. Another home run for you Rich…..keep up putting your thoughts out there….they bring joy to all who read them….Gran

  3. Amazing as always!! I am so proud of you!! I love that our boys will always have these beautiful words as they grow old to know how much they were loved by you!!! You truly are the best dad and husband ever! I look forward to seeing your words published somewhere soon!!!
    Love you! – shannon

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