A tale of two violins

As I board my plane I watch the smile on the little brother’s face and think about how there is always something amazingly awesome and beautiful on the other side of fear, and hope that I have the same courage as those little boys next time I need it.

The Summer of Baton Rouge

 Violence, Flooding, Death, and Destruction.  These are the words used over and over in national headlines to describe the events … More

An Idea on Marriage

This upcoming weekend my wife’s brother is getting married, and as the brother-in-law I’ve found that I am pretty much … More

The Fear of 40!

40! F-O-R-T-Y!!! Affectionately called the BIG 4-0! I have secretly been dreading my 40th birthday. We’ve talked a lot about … More

Imagine That

I was having a rough day on the mound, but thankfully the game was almost over.  I only had to … More

My attempt at a teaser

I’m currently writing a children’s book and wanted to share the very beginning with you.  I know it’s kind of … More

I wonder

I wonder, at what point do kids learn how to hate other people? I have been around numerous babies and … More

An (un)broken smile

This past Monday started very early.  Much earlier than I would have liked.  So early in fact that the sun … More