Anything Helps

I went to dip another chip when something on the other side of the street caught my attention.

To Do List

Found this TO DO List in my car from a couple of weeks ago. Made me smile. This was a…


Ironically, he had been driving her to a Gluten Free Support Group meeting when the bread truck collided into them.

Yo, Adrian!

In the mid 1970’s an unknown writer/actor got divine inspiration after watching a fight to write a movie about a…

The Land That I Love

Traffic in Los Angeles is always bad. On this day though it seems as if all the delays that are…

A tale of two violins

As I board my plane I watch the smile on the little brother’s face and think about how there is always something amazingly awesome and beautiful on the other side of fear, and hope that I have the same courage as those little boys next time I need it.